Thursday, April 21, 2016

All Good Things...

This is probably the last time I'm going to blog for a while. Not forever, but since I'm starting in a - hopefully busier and more fulfilling job next week, I won't have time to hang out online as much as I have. Something I think is good. Good for my sanity.

I almost called in "fuck you all" today, but saner heads prevailed. Besides, I don't generally call out from work. In all fairness, this is far from the worst job I've ever had. When I was a kid, I had a summer job that almost killed me. But why I'm mentioning my initial thought is this: as I biked home yesterday, unsure of whether I would come in today or not, I had a moment of bittersweet. I thought, "This is maybe the last time I'll bike this route, so goodbye all you shards of glass, goodbye no existent bike lanes, goodbye Sammamish High with all your incompetent drivers." Of course, all those sweet thoughts were a big fat waste, and probably used up my monthly nice quota for nothing, since I came into work today as well.

But I will be biking in this route for another week - which I forgot - since I'm doing training all next week across the way from where I am now. That is, if I survive Portland.

I guess Satan did get his weather back, because it's considerably cooler today. So, thank you, Dark Lord for taking back the weather. During a temporary insane moment, I decided it was a great idea to lug all my belongings home yesterday in a ginormous backpack during the tail end of the heatwave. That load probably added about 15 lbs and the ill fitting backpack constantly threatened to topple me over. And I'll tell you this, that biking with a backwards tilting backpack up a 16% hill doesn't work well.

Anyway, until next time, take care and get some good bike rides in. I will write about the Death Ride of Portland, though.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Sunshine Makes Me Wet

As in sweaty of course, all though... never mind. Yesterday was another scorcher and per usual I forgot to carry water, so while my legs were strong, the rest of my body was weak. Things are looking up or down weather wise in Portland. Whether it's up or down depends on your point of view. If you're a nutball like +Matt Campbell, you'll say up. I'm hoping for overcast but no rain.

Only three more days in this job. I could feel very strongly yesterday that I'm just done with this bullshit. I don't know if I told you this before, but my current place of employment caters to the rich and powerful - or at least they're powerful in their own minds. With that warped sense of self comes entitlement. Not all of our patients are like that, but the majority is. Yesterday's schedule was full of the latter. I've been tolerating this behavior before, even humored it, but yesterday I just couldn't take it. I found myself being short and not very friendly. Time to move on.

Me on Saturday
I'm meeting up with a friend on Friday after work and I really, really need it. Now that I'm done with this job I can shed some (not much) light on the comment I made about a certain police detective who turned out to be a major fuckboy. I met him by coincidence, as with most things in life. I won't go into details because it ended well for me, but let's just say he was a mindfuck of epic proportions and is probably one of the reasons some people have little to no faith in law enforcement. I seriously can't comprehend that people like him can even function in life. Much less serve and protect others. Oh, well, I'm done with that now.

I've lost a total of 16 lbs now so I'm a lean, mean biking machine. Watch out, Portland! Here I come!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

It's Getting Hot In Here And Pay It Forward

Let it be said that I love sunshine. I don't care much for roasting on a beach, but I love having the sun around because it makes me happy. What I don't like is biking in it. Yesterday biking home I was reminded of how I really, really don't like biking in heat. And I definitely don't like doing hill climbs in it - which is probably why I liked the High Pass Challenge a whole lot better than Tour de Blast. HPC was a rainy and cold affair whereas TdB was a high 80s scorcher.

As far as my weight loss goes, I'm down 14 lbs now. The rapid weight loss seems to have slowed down. I'm not dieting but just cut out the heavy evening meal. I don't know if it's my imagination or not, but it seems easier and lighter to bike uphill now. I suppose it makes sense that it should feel lighter with 14 lbs less to drag uphill.

Four more days at work here, but my week seems to end on a very good note.

I have heard about this stuff happening, but never experienced it myself until today. This morning, a stranger reached in front of me with a ten dollar bill and bought my coconut water and protein bar while I stood, stunned, staring at the "out of order" sign taped to the credit card machine, my card still in my hand which was locked in the mid-air swipe position.

I had dashed to my local 7-11 before heading to work to grab a couple of things my sleep dazed head had forgotten this morning.

So, I stared blankly at the tall, 50-something man, and suddenly felt like an extra in  "Oliver Twist"… "for me, Sir?"... I whispered. The line was stacking up fast with folks with a single cup of coffee and places to go. He stuck his hand out and said, "I’m Dan. Enjoy the rest of your ride.", and off my angel went.

Now, I’m kicking myself. Had my cognitive processing skills not been completely shut down by his generosity, I would have realized that the ATM, which I have used a zillion times, was in the back of the store, and I would have gotten my own cash and paid for my own items. Nope, none of that, I just stood there, feeling the tears starting to well from this kind gesture. But the worst part is that I didn't even say "Thank you." I just stood there like a tongue tied moron.

So I'll say it here; thank you Dan, I will do this for someone else very soon, someone more deserving than myself , and if they thank me, I’ll tell them it was all you, good man. But you know, me being me, I'm a little annoyed by this gesture as well as being thankful. I prefer my mornings grumpy, and this - it completely ruined a perfectly good morning routine.

Monday, April 18, 2016

The Final Countdown

This week marks the final countdown for a couple of things; it's my last week in this job and it's the week of RondePDX. As I've said before, the latter is probably what will lead to my demise. I told +Peter Warton that I'm about 70% sure I will die. He said he's 100% sure I'll be awesome. Thank you for having more faith in me than I do at the moment, but even if we split the difference, there's a chance I will die.

Speaking of dying. A lot of our patient have died lately. Relax, there's no angel of death at work but I guess that's par for the course when dealing with an elderly population. It's just sad. Here's a piece of advice for y'all - don't break your hip when you get old. That's how it all starts.

In honor of my patients
This weekend was wonderful and it seemed to go on forever, just like when I was a kid. I actually thought Friday was Sunday. That's how long it seemed. The weather was perfect and I got a lot done. Non-bike related but even so. I feel very productive because of it.

Five days to go...

Friday, April 15, 2016

Weekend Update

I didn't go to work yesterday. Turns out giving notice is enough to trigger a monster migraine.

When I gave notice I jokingly said to my boss that this would probably send my coworker into labor - and it did. Most likely completely unrelated but nonetheless, into labor she went yesterday.

My other coworker, the one that gets away with everything, is having a love fest with my boss this morning. In other words, business as usual. On that note, I am really trying not to leave this job with a bitter after taste, because I want to leave on a positive note. The thing is - there's nothing worse (job related) to be somewhere when you're mentally done.

The more I think about it, the happier I feel about my choice. I'm getting a little excited about the change of jobs - of course I might not be alive to start my new job considering RondePDX is next weekend. I haven't really trained any for this lunacy so it is what it is. Either I'm ready for it or I'm not.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

'Round The Bend, Here I Come!

I don't like straight roads. Never have. I find them boring and predictable.
Unless you're on this road... who's to say what kind of bend we're talking here...
My life is now approaching a bend in the road. What's around it might be better, might be more of less the same, or it might be worse. Whatever it is, it will be exciting in and of itself because it's new. It's a change. The best part of it though is that I'm leaving primary care.

My new bike commute won't be as good, if one can call it a commute. Basically it will be down a hill, and I'm there. At least I get to bike uphill home. And, if I feel like it, I can always bike around the lake just to add some mileage. Easy fix.

I gave notice today. While this particular task is never fun (at least not when your employer is a good one), it was far less painful than anticipated. No drama and they wished me well. Phew!

I realize that my previous post was somewhat enigmatic and vague, but it's for a reason. I don't know where things are going to land currently and one of the things that I have going on in my life is a little tricky. I don't want to make a mountain of a molehill or make assumptions so for now I won't write about it.

I'm not in any trouble with the law. The detective I mentioned is of a personal nature and has nothing to do with legal issues.

What the change of jobs will mean for my online presence is that there will be far less of me here, but I will continue to write about my biking and other kinds of adventures.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

I hate being the bearer of bad news but today I am.

The thing is, I'm not as happy as I could be in my current job. Sure, I've left jobs before, but this one is particularly difficult because it's such as small place. Also, there's the fact that I'm the best they've ever had in this position. No, I'm not bragging, just stating the facts.

So now, as I sit here all alone, waiting for people to show up, I am dreading the conversation to be had. And I like the people here, I really do. This is actually the first place where I haven't actively disliked someone. But this is the best decision for me, and I have to look after myself before I care about my employer.

As I mentioned on Friday, my life is a little bit chaotic at the moment, which has to do with a lot of things but mostly a certain detective at the police department. And this is also why I think relocating is a smart thing to do.

On a positive note, my commute was again awesome. The asshat apparently got fired. Not on my account. My powers aren't that great. Sorry to disappoint.

Friday, April 8, 2016

All Quiet On The Eastern Front

Yes, I know it's really the western front, but since I live on the eastside - east it is. But yes, everything is quiet. Asshat's car is parked at the same spot every morning and I haven't seen him since the photo ambush. I'll take the unspoken truce.

Tomorrow I'm setting out on the first loooong bike ride of 2016 and I'm really excited about it. My biggest problem with biking now seems to be hydration. I am just not good at maintaining the proper amount of fluids while biking. I know, I know, as a healthcare provider I should know better, which makes it even more stupid. But you know, the baker's children and so on and so forth - but this morning I'm downing water like it's going out of style.

Still have a bit of a headache and lost another lbs. Hubby thinks I've lost a lot of water weight whatever that means. Nine lbs and counting.

On another note, I might take a break from blogging life for a while. Too many balls in the air at the moment and I feel I need some quiet and private time away from the online universe. This feeling may or may not linger, and perhaps I just need a full weekend of biking to cure whatever it is that's riding me at the moment.

I'll tell you this much - feelings are exhausting. Especially when they go from one extreme to the next, which is why I'm generally not a fan. Of feelings, that is. If you meet me in real life, you would never guess I'm such an over-sharer as I might come across here. Most people say I seem aloof and cold in a non-work setting. Funny how one puts on different hats in different situations.

Until then. Have a great weekend and I wish you lots and lots of sunshine and biking.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Thunder And Lightning And Babies

My coworker is very pregnant. Yes, there are degrees of being pregnant. We all thought she would pop when they forecasted thunder storms last week, but then there was no thunder and she didn't pop.

I read over one of my previous blog posts - more specifically this one, and I realize that it was a bit vague, so I want to clarify that nothing happened other than meeting and talking. After all, I don't jump into things carelessly or without consideration. The only reason I'm not using Matt's real name is because I've chosen to keep my writings at least somewhat anonymous. Protect the innocent and such. Notice how I say the innocent and not asshat drivers who attempt to take out any and every cyclist on the road.
Jesus, take the wheel - or something...
I considered not writing anything about changing my route in case the asshat had found my blog, seen his picture, and is now cyber stalking me as well as in real life. But judging by his use of a proper old-timey camera, I doubt he even knows what the internet is. Maybe they didn't have technology past 1980 in the hole he climbed out from like a god damned angry mole.

I biked the new route last night but not this morning. I thought about it but decided against it because, 1) if he wants to take photos of me, then be my guest - and 2) if I see him again, I'll offer a truce. Maybe he had a terrible day or maybe he hates his life. And since I generally don't hate mine, I can afford to look the other way this time.

Anywho, I'm over it now. Biking is just too good and so is life in general.

This weekend I'm doing my first long ride of the year. Most likely south to Puyallup or thereabouts.

Eighty degrees today! Holy guacamole!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Photo Ambush

This thing from yesterday is getting weirder and weirder. As I was biking on SE 36th St, I heard a car slow down next to me and I thought it was the asshat from yesterday. Sure enough, he turned right over the I-90 bridge. As I'm biking passed some fencing by where he parked (I saw his car), he steps out from the fence and takes my photo. WTF?!?!?

It's all kinds of ridiculous, but also a little creepy, because this means he's thought about it enough to bring an old-timey camera - no smartphone - drive to work early enough to attempt to intercept me, and to take my photo for some reason. Oh, well. Should I get run over by a silver colored SUV one of these mornings, you know who it is.
This is where he parks
Smile - to the not so candid camera
I'm posting his photo again, so y'all know who took out Bike Chick.

Apart from this little thing, my commute in was awesome! My legs, for some reason, were super strong and I biked in on record time. Probably fueled by asshat.

After giving it some thought, I have decided to bike another route to work for a while. That's not me backing down or admitting to defeat, but simply being sensible. Why poke the crazy bear. After all, he has yet again proven that he's not operating in the same universe as the rest of us.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

What Is With Everybody Today?

It's not raining. The weather has been spectacular the last few days. It's Tuesday, which means it's one day closer to Friday than it was yesterday. Not that the last sentence is of particular importance, just worth mentioning. What I'm trying to say is that life can suck a whole lot more than it did this morning.

This is asshat edition.

I was yelled at by a driver by Bellevue College for being to his right at the stop sign - I was there first. He pulled up next to me. Had I known that's what he was yelling at me for, I probably would have thought twice about attempting a conversation with him - because that just means that he's fucking nuts. Which it turned out he was.
Aerial view of intersection
Street view
Where the red car is, is the stop sign in question. I was standing at the sign, waiting for a car that was coming from my left. It's a four way stop. The car to my left was at the intersection first and was heading straight through. As I'm standing at the sign, the asshat below pulls up next to me. When it's my turn, I take a right and an immediate left, which I signal.

Then the asshat zooms by and yells something which isn't "Good morning". He also almost runs over a pedestrian further up ahead, but then pulls into one of the Bellevue College parking lots.

Long story short: I happen to bike passed the parking lot he's in as he's coming out of his car, so I decided that this is too serendipitous to pass up and pull in next to him. I ask him what he was yelling at me for. He yells I cannot turn right. Say what? His English isn't very good, so I respond by asking him to repeat what he just said. From what I can gather, what he really means is I cannot turn right when there's a car next to me at a stop sign. Again - say what?

I exited the conversation after a couple of minutes of being yelled at in broken English. There was just no reasoning with him. Either because I don't speak Yell or because his command of the English language wasn't great. So I left after snapping these award winning shots.
Just taking a photo of his license plate in case he decided to run me over next time
By the way, probably NOT coffee in that thermos
Wait, what! Are you taking a photo of me?
You bet I am, you motherfucker!
Notice how he has the hood covered. My guess is that it is to protect the car from blood splatter when he's taking out bicyclists with his extremely flawed rhetoric - which it really wasn't.
I am so confused. But maybe I shouldn't be. Can't reason with insanity.

Anyway, if you see this guy or his car, stay the fuck away. He is clearly a few light bulbs short of a Christmas tree.

Then, a bit later on, I was yelled at by a pedestrian I passed ON THE ROAD next to him on the sidewalk. I have no fucking clue. He said something about giving him room. You're on the SIDEWALK and I'm on the STREET. What room are you talking about?

Clearly it is crazy day today and I can't wait to bike home.

But I want to end on a positive note, because that's just how I roll.

It was crazy day, indeed, but it turned out to kinda sorta work in my favor a little later on. A homeless guy who was walking in front of me on the sidewalk, steps into the road so I can pass. I yell at him that he needs to get back on the sidewalk BECAUSE HE WILL GET RUN OVER. Where he's standing there's a curve in the road so the drivers wouldn't see him until it is too late. He insists on standing there while I keep saying that he needs to get off the road. I even dismount my bike to get my point across. But no - homeless guy refuses to budge, and it was just pure luck that he didn't get run over.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Oh, Baby, Baby, It's A Wild World

First - I didn't do the Emerald City Bike Ride. Hubby threw away the registration so between that and having to get up at 5 am to do a less than 100 mile ride, I decided against it and instead bike around the lake - twice. Just so I wouldn't kill my husband.

Second - this really isn't about biking, so if you're expecting a sweeping tale about languid biking along Lake Washington, this isn't it.

Because though biking this weekend was spectacular, that's not what made this weekend a wild one. All I can say is, "WOW!" Mind blown. This weekend was absolutely FANTASTIC. It was everything I needed and more.

I had the opportunity to spend some quality time with, let's call him Matt, this weekend. Twice. And there really aren't words to describe my sentiments properly, at least not here on this blog. So maybe that should be another blog. Because this is a blog mainly about biking and I think it ought to remain as such. Let's just say that by the end of this, I will probably have enough material to write an entire book of reviews about places to meet when one is up to no good.

So with that in mind, I think I need to go on a long, hard ride sometime soon. I'm thinking Puyallup. Or Canada. Potato - potatoe.

Friday, April 1, 2016

No Bike Friday

Well, that really isn't a thing, but this week it is. I didn't bike in today because I have things to do and people to see right after work. Any occasion is a spandex occasion, you say? Believe it or not, there are times when spandex - especially sweaty spandex - wouldn't fit the dress code. Really, you say? Try to get into a black tie event in spandex and you'll see, I say. Even in Seattle, where showing up in jeans and Hawaiian shirts seem like the logical thing to do when the invite say black tie/tux.
This I guess is a good compromise?
While I'm not attending anything of that degree of fancy, I am doing something that I hope will be fun and rewarding. Tell you about it after because I don't want to jinx it.

I kind of take back what I said about sunshine. I think I'm allergic. At least while biking. The last couple of days I've probably lost half my body weight in sweat. Maybe it's just an acclimation kind of thing and my body just has to get used to temperatures above freezing, or maybe I'm like my bike - collecting all kinds of crud during the winter months and all I need is a good cleanse.

Come Sunday, I'll probably be done biking in all the wrong places by this time. I'll take photos - even though it's against my nature.