The Pacific Northwest is... just great! No snow to speak of, which makes biking to work and to random places easy - year round. Rain, you say? Pssshhht! There's rain clothes for that. Also, mother nature made sure you're made of a nifty thing called skin, which comes fully waterproof and free of charge.
I started biking because I was getting fat. I found out the hard way that there really isn't such a thing as a free lunch. So before I became the real life version of Rolie Polie Olie, I had to do something - and eating less just wasn't an option. I thought long and hard about my choice of exercise.
Cute fellow but not what I'm going for
 Fencing? No. I'm lacking too much in the coordination department. Besides, it's not my idea of a good time dressing up like a mummy and try to poke someone else with sharp objects. I believe that's what prisons are for.
Running? Hell, no!
Biking? Hmm.... an activity that allows for eating while exercising? Sign me up! So I dusted off my Raleigh and off I went. The first month was rough! Then it became easier and easier. Now it's close to being second nature.
Not this - it was quite disgusting
I continue to bike because I really enjoy everything about it. I'm still working on becoming a calmer cyclist, but other than that biking has turned out to be a perfect fit.

I'm not a fast cyclist and will never win races, oxygen deprivation and bordering on passing out are just not things I find appealing. I can, however, bike forever if need be. The longer, the better.

I started biking on June 5th, 2015 and have more or less been commuting by bike since. I have also put in quite a few races so far. The most challenging was High Pass Challenge.

This blog will follow me on my journey towards biking across America. It won't happen for another couple of years at least, but it will.