Tuesday, April 5, 2016

What Is With Everybody Today?

It's not raining. The weather has been spectacular the last few days. It's Tuesday, which means it's one day closer to Friday than it was yesterday. Not that the last sentence is of particular importance, just worth mentioning. What I'm trying to say is that life can suck a whole lot more than it did this morning.

This is asshat edition.

I was yelled at by a driver by Bellevue College for being to his right at the stop sign - I was there first. He pulled up next to me. Had I known that's what he was yelling at me for, I probably would have thought twice about attempting a conversation with him - because that just means that he's fucking nuts. Which it turned out he was.
Aerial view of intersection
Street view
Where the red car is, is the stop sign in question. I was standing at the sign, waiting for a car that was coming from my left. It's a four way stop. The car to my left was at the intersection first and was heading straight through. As I'm standing at the sign, the asshat below pulls up next to me. When it's my turn, I take a right and an immediate left, which I signal.

Then the asshat zooms by and yells something which isn't "Good morning". He also almost runs over a pedestrian further up ahead, but then pulls into one of the Bellevue College parking lots.

Long story short: I happen to bike passed the parking lot he's in as he's coming out of his car, so I decided that this is too serendipitous to pass up and pull in next to him. I ask him what he was yelling at me for. He yells I cannot turn right. Say what? His English isn't very good, so I respond by asking him to repeat what he just said. From what I can gather, what he really means is I cannot turn right when there's a car next to me at a stop sign. Again - say what?

I exited the conversation after a couple of minutes of being yelled at in broken English. There was just no reasoning with him. Either because I don't speak Yell or because his command of the English language wasn't great. So I left after snapping these award winning shots.
Just taking a photo of his license plate in case he decided to run me over next time
By the way, probably NOT coffee in that thermos
Wait, what! Are you taking a photo of me?
You bet I am, you motherfucker!
Notice how he has the hood covered. My guess is that it is to protect the car from blood splatter when he's taking out bicyclists with his extremely flawed rhetoric - which it really wasn't.
I am so confused. But maybe I shouldn't be. Can't reason with insanity.

Anyway, if you see this guy or his car, stay the fuck away. He is clearly a few light bulbs short of a Christmas tree.

Then, a bit later on, I was yelled at by a pedestrian I passed ON THE ROAD next to him on the sidewalk. I have no fucking clue. He said something about giving him room. You're on the SIDEWALK and I'm on the STREET. What room are you talking about?

Clearly it is crazy day today and I can't wait to bike home.

But I want to end on a positive note, because that's just how I roll.

It was crazy day, indeed, but it turned out to kinda sorta work in my favor a little later on. A homeless guy who was walking in front of me on the sidewalk, steps into the road so I can pass. I yell at him that he needs to get back on the sidewalk BECAUSE HE WILL GET RUN OVER. Where he's standing there's a curve in the road so the drivers wouldn't see him until it is too late. He insists on standing there while I keep saying that he needs to get off the road. I even dismount my bike to get my point across. But no - homeless guy refuses to budge, and it was just pure luck that he didn't get run over.


  1. Reported to Bellevue College security. He is parking in a staff parking stall, like staff (backed in).

    1. This is probably why he took my photo.