Friday, April 1, 2016

No Bike Friday

Well, that really isn't a thing, but this week it is. I didn't bike in today because I have things to do and people to see right after work. Any occasion is a spandex occasion, you say? Believe it or not, there are times when spandex - especially sweaty spandex - wouldn't fit the dress code. Really, you say? Try to get into a black tie event in spandex and you'll see, I say. Even in Seattle, where showing up in jeans and Hawaiian shirts seem like the logical thing to do when the invite say black tie/tux.
This I guess is a good compromise?
While I'm not attending anything of that degree of fancy, I am doing something that I hope will be fun and rewarding. Tell you about it after because I don't want to jinx it.

I kind of take back what I said about sunshine. I think I'm allergic. At least while biking. The last couple of days I've probably lost half my body weight in sweat. Maybe it's just an acclimation kind of thing and my body just has to get used to temperatures above freezing, or maybe I'm like my bike - collecting all kinds of crud during the winter months and all I need is a good cleanse.

Come Sunday, I'll probably be done biking in all the wrong places by this time. I'll take photos - even though it's against my nature.

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