Tuesday, April 19, 2016

It's Getting Hot In Here And Pay It Forward

Let it be said that I love sunshine. I don't care much for roasting on a beach, but I love having the sun around because it makes me happy. What I don't like is biking in it. Yesterday biking home I was reminded of how I really, really don't like biking in heat. And I definitely don't like doing hill climbs in it - which is probably why I liked the High Pass Challenge a whole lot better than Tour de Blast. HPC was a rainy and cold affair whereas TdB was a high 80s scorcher.

As far as my weight loss goes, I'm down 14 lbs now. The rapid weight loss seems to have slowed down. I'm not dieting but just cut out the heavy evening meal. I don't know if it's my imagination or not, but it seems easier and lighter to bike uphill now. I suppose it makes sense that it should feel lighter with 14 lbs less to drag uphill.

Four more days at work here, but my week seems to end on a very good note.

I have heard about this stuff happening, but never experienced it myself until today. This morning, a stranger reached in front of me with a ten dollar bill and bought my coconut water and protein bar while I stood, stunned, staring at the "out of order" sign taped to the credit card machine, my card still in my hand which was locked in the mid-air swipe position.

I had dashed to my local 7-11 before heading to work to grab a couple of things my sleep dazed head had forgotten this morning.

So, I stared blankly at the tall, 50-something man, and suddenly felt like an extra in  "Oliver Twist"… "for me, Sir?"... I whispered. The line was stacking up fast with folks with a single cup of coffee and places to go. He stuck his hand out and said, "I’m Dan. Enjoy the rest of your ride.", and off my angel went.

Now, I’m kicking myself. Had my cognitive processing skills not been completely shut down by his generosity, I would have realized that the ATM, which I have used a zillion times, was in the back of the store, and I would have gotten my own cash and paid for my own items. Nope, none of that, I just stood there, feeling the tears starting to well from this kind gesture. But the worst part is that I didn't even say "Thank you." I just stood there like a tongue tied moron.

So I'll say it here; thank you Dan, I will do this for someone else very soon, someone more deserving than myself , and if they thank me, I’ll tell them it was all you, good man. But you know, me being me, I'm a little annoyed by this gesture as well as being thankful. I prefer my mornings grumpy, and this - it completely ruined a perfectly good morning routine.

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