Friday, April 8, 2016

All Quiet On The Eastern Front

Yes, I know it's really the western front, but since I live on the eastside - east it is. But yes, everything is quiet. Asshat's car is parked at the same spot every morning and I haven't seen him since the photo ambush. I'll take the unspoken truce.

Tomorrow I'm setting out on the first loooong bike ride of 2016 and I'm really excited about it. My biggest problem with biking now seems to be hydration. I am just not good at maintaining the proper amount of fluids while biking. I know, I know, as a healthcare provider I should know better, which makes it even more stupid. But you know, the baker's children and so on and so forth - but this morning I'm downing water like it's going out of style.

Still have a bit of a headache and lost another lbs. Hubby thinks I've lost a lot of water weight whatever that means. Nine lbs and counting.

On another note, I might take a break from blogging life for a while. Too many balls in the air at the moment and I feel I need some quiet and private time away from the online universe. This feeling may or may not linger, and perhaps I just need a full weekend of biking to cure whatever it is that's riding me at the moment.

I'll tell you this much - feelings are exhausting. Especially when they go from one extreme to the next, which is why I'm generally not a fan. Of feelings, that is. If you meet me in real life, you would never guess I'm such an over-sharer as I might come across here. Most people say I seem aloof and cold in a non-work setting. Funny how one puts on different hats in different situations.

Until then. Have a great weekend and I wish you lots and lots of sunshine and biking.

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