Friday, October 9, 2015

I Won't Be Crying In The Rain

No, I will not. I am now the proud owner of a rain jacket! Wooohooo! What did I end up buying? Well, let me tell you.

First I have to share some breaking news. I had my first awesome experience at REI. I went to the flagship store downtown Seattle Wednesday evening to see if I could find something that tickled my fancy. And wow did my hay bale get knocked sideways when I actually did receive great customer service from - and hold onto your spectacles - not only one, but TWO employees. It wasn't just great customer service but service from people who knew a tent from a kayak!

Whaaat? Helpful and clever people at Rei?
Unfortunately I didn't get the name of the second person who helped me but the first person's name is John. His name tag said he's the sales lead. Company policy didn't allow me to take his picture, but here's a shout out to ya, John. Not only did he know his stuff, but he's a fellow two wheeled commuter.

The jacket I ended up buying is the Showers Pass in yellow. I tested it out this morning on my commute. It's a little warm but when I open up all the vents, it makes me feel less Finnish sauna and more French bakery. Fantastic review - I know. You're welcome.

Speaking of commutes. I snapped a couple of pictures of fall in the Pacific Northwest.

Fall is here!

Fog and seagull over Bellevue
Flying high on my first ever positive experience at REI, I went back to get new tires. I decided on Continental Four Season. So far they seem good. Not sure if I notice much of a difference though.

I think they stick a little better to the road but it wasn't like I was sliding or hydroplaning to begin with. (I only do that when I watch Magic Mike anyway)

Now that I'm properly equipped with a brand spanking new rain jacket and new tires, I should be all set for winter - meaning rain - in Seattle. Oh, and I also got rain pants. Looks like I get to test all this out this weekend.

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