Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Random Thoughts From The Ol' Outpost (Also Called My Office)

Every morning we have staff meetings. This morning one of my coworkers asked me what I plan to do now that bike season is over. Say what?

This is bike season for me. This is when the real fun begins. The temperatures are finally at my comfort level and a 10 mile bike ride in the mornings isn't enough to get me either particularly cold or wet now that I have gaiters.

There's a saying in my old country that describes my philosophy to a tee: "There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing". Course in its original language, this phrase rhymes. However, if I were to make it rhyme in English, I'd have to say "cleather" - which means nothing.

Point being, as long as I am either waterproof, windproof, or fittingly bundled up, not only will I survive the northwest winter but I will thrive.

See, even polar bears ride bikes

I'm not saying there won't be suckfilled days, but bike season over? No way.

In fact, I love fall. I love rain and today I tested out my gaiters. Ok, so it was a partial fail but that was entirely my fault. When I put them on this morning I put them on the wrong way or rather on the wrong foot. This made the opening face the bike so the water from the front tyre sprayed into the gaiter (that I had failed to close completely).

Oh, well. You live and learn. I don't have a rain jacket. That's a bigger problem. I borrowed hubby's today but that was like biking in a tent. Not the right color either since it's black. Probably should get a brighter colored one.

But man, was the bike ride awesome! The darkness and the rain make for cozy rides. Just need to up the safety factor a little with some more lights and a bright jacket.

Like this...

On a side note, I got flowers on my birthday. Lovely flowers from lovely coworker. Unfortunately I wasn't able to take them home with me. No room on the bike and I wasn't about to make it look like this:

Since I have a bit of down time in between patients, I find myself online more than I should be. I thought I had found a few good bike blogs - but two of them have already stopped writing. This is like finding a great book only to discover that it was the only one the author wrote and now he/she is dead.
Not saying this blog is the Great American Novel, but as far as continue to write - not to worry! I will keep on plugging. 

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