Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Balls! Balls! Everywhere Balls!

[Smoochy holds up a penis-shaped Cookie made by Randolph]
Randolph: What are you, blind? It's a cock! It's not a rocket, you sick fuck! It's a cock! Look. It's a cock and balls! A dick! Chorizo and the huevos! It's a big stiffy! It's a penis! Penis maximus! A willie! A weenie! Mr. Jiggle Daddy! The one-eyed wonder weasel! Don't you see that? It's Jimmy and the twins. Rumple Foreskin. He made this. It's made from dil-dough.

This is a quote from my favorite movie of all time, Death To Smoochy. And that brings me over to Christmas, which again brings us over to balls.

Because Christmas is the time for balls like no other time, except for maybe the annual Pride Parade.

There are ball shaped ornaments, ball shaped cookies, and dickheads.

The dickheads aren't necessarily accompanied by balls, but they have two feet and huge attitudes. Not exactly embracing the Christmas spirit, that's for sure.

With this, I wish you all merry Christmas. Not happy holidays.

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