Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Bringing Sexy Back Josh Ross Style

With almost everything I read, if I come across something I haven't heard of before - straight to Google I go.  So when Josh Ross wrote "I love the classic lugged c60 and the fact that it's still carbon ups the sexiness.", I looked up classic lugged c60.

I found a couple of things - which may or may not be related to above statement by Josh.

First I found this:

Which led me to this:

"We take a look at Thomas Voeckler's Colnago C60, the bike that the perennial housewife's favourite will use for his numerous suicidal attacks at this year's Tour de France."
You can find the entire article here.
Of course I had to look up said Thomas Vockler. Am I a housewife? I suppose. Kinda. Not really. But what this sentence is hinting at is that Mr. Voeckler is worth checking out. So I did.
Not sold yet
Getting warmer, all though a little 70ish
Oh, behave!
All this because of Josh Ross. You're welcome.

I also looked up Wiggle Honda thanks to William Robison. Also worth checking out. Thank you.

But the sexiest part of this post is this:

Check out the curves of this baby

Round and smooth

Hard where it needs to be

Talk about undercarriage
There's but one small catch.

Or should I say 16,000 of them.

Price tag: $16,000.

And no amount of sexy is worth that.

Ok, so maybe Channing Tatum, but the days when I could pay to have him Channing all over my Tatum are long gone. Sigh.

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