Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year And Cake On Craigslist

About the cake. Around 4 pm yesterday I started feeling sleepy and a bit bored so I figured I'd check out bikes on craigslist. Not that I don't have work to do, but...

There was mostly rubbish for sale, but then something caught my eye.

Ultegra 6800 11spd CX/Gravel/Road disc bike - $1100
Now I have no clue if this is a bargain or not and I was too lazy to check if this was a good bike or not. But the bike was irrelevant. What caught my eye was the cake on the table. Or maybe it's banana bread. Either way, it made the photo interesting enough to get my attention.

Dan and I had a little convo about the cake in the photo.You can find it here. I think someone should make a movie of this since it had it all: interesting premise, beautiful scenery, and a dramatic turning point. Even a happy ending.

I decided to respond to the ad and ask about the cake.

I figured that would be it, but just a minute or so later, I received this in my inbox:

Turns out the cake was for sale, but I still think $1100 is a bit much for cake. No matter how tasty.

In a few hours 2015 is history and it's time to do this:

Happy New Year y'all. Keep on riding. If I don't freeze my toes and butt off on my way home, I am planning on a ride this weekend around the lake. ☺

My favorite New Year Song

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