Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Oh, The Places You Can Go

I spend two hours on my bike every weekday. Before winter hit, I spent an additional average of 10 hours each day during the weekends. That's a lot of time spent alone on the road with no music or other distractions on hand. Let it be said that I'm usually not bored when biking. The only time I can actually recall being bored out of my mind was during the climb at High Pass Challenge.

The reason I'm not bored is because I'm weird and random. I think of the strangest things while biking. This morning I almost rode right into a HUGE tree branch because I was busy thinking about something.

Most of the time when I'm biking I sing to myself. Lately I've had three songs rattling around in my brain - "Hello", thank you Adele, "Halo", thank you Bey, and "Wrecking Ball". The last song I don't even like, yet it's periodically stuck up there like a stuck tape player much like the scene from HIMYM.

Now I'll probably have that song stuck in my noggin for a while.

Another theme for my thoughts is food. Especially during the last 10 minutes of the ride because I'm hungry. For some reason grilled cheese is what I generally crave. Other times it's ramen.

At times I think about penises past. This makes me pedal faster. Not because the topic serves as a carrot at the end of the stick (boy, that makes for a whole lot of phallus references) but because that's where my thoughts wander. There's especially one that stands out. It was a glorious specimen but it's not conducive to biking. It's a huge distraction - pun intended, so I can't think about it for long.

At first glance this particular topic might not make sense why it appears while biking, because there really isn't anything about biking that ought to lead my thoughts in that direction - yet that's where my thoughts wander on a regular basis. But really it makes perfect sense. When biking one is sitting on a saddle that is more or less comfortable. Sitting on this saddle makes me think about genitals, my own first, then the male counterpart. Also, I'm quite fond of the topic in general.

I feel crazy on a regular basis, but if there's one thing I've learned - it's that fighting my thought train is like plugging a leak in the Hoover Dam with my finger, so I let my freak flag fly freely during my commute. And here's the reason why: I believe it's good for a person's sanity to let the mind go where it wants to go ever so often. I'm not saying one needs to act on whatever goes through the mind, far from it - but as with any place of residence, a thorough spring cleaning is needed periodically.

And why not while biking? The commute is my alone time and my brain is kind of like Phoebe's jogging style.

It's thoughts flying everywhere - and I recommend it.

You don't have to think about penises, nor sing out loud, but it feels good to get it all out. It's liberating. But not only that, you can daydream whilst riding and the only limitation then is your imagination. Oh, the places you can go... Just make sure you also pay attention to traffic and roads.

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