Thursday, December 3, 2015

I Was Promised A Male Genitalia Free Environment!

I don't mind Tom and Harry...
When I interviewed for this job, my only requirement was that this was a dick-free environment. Both figuratively and literally. I came from urology where male genitalia is a dime a dozen. Add doctors with huge egos to an already extremely stressful environment and you have a cocktail I'm not interested in drinking. No pun intended. So I left. My direct boss has a good sense of humor, so in her written job offer she promised me a male genitalia free environment.

It seems silly to write an entire post about this, but I just have to get it out of the system before I explode or implode. I don't know physics well enough to know which direction I'll be blowing. I suppose it depends on whether I've had peas and cabbage or not.

Just what the doctor ordered
My boss is behaving like a proper dick today. I think this have to do with yesterday somehow where I had to leave early due to personal reasons - which I had cleared with my manager last week. In other words, this wasn't some unplanned sudden vanishing act on my part.

We all have favorites. People we get along with better. Or people we like more. That being because they have something we want, have a personality that works better with ours, or we think they are attractive. Whatever the reason, the end result is that we treat these people better than we do others who don't have any of these qualities. My boss has such a favorite. It's funny at its best, ridiculous at its average, and anger inducing at its worst. Today it's the latter.

My boss it very attracted to this person. He is also very married in the traditional sense to a wife that would most likely chop his bits off should he act on this attraction. This doesn't prevent him from behaving like a teenager in lust whenever he's around this person. The teenage hormonally charged behavior I can handle. But when his hormone goggles has a direct effect on my day, I mind. My coworker, who is my peer, gets away with anything. Probably murder as well. Should she ever find herself having murdered someone, my boss would be the first person there with a shovel and a tarp - no questions asked. We all need friends like that so that's not where I have objections.

My coworker is notoriously late for work. She messes up with labs on a routine basis. This was apparently something my predecessor was fired over, making her "get out of jail free card" even more distasteful. What she really does around here is still a mystery to me. Point in case: she was gone for almost three weeks and no one noticed. None of us had to work any harder because of it. In fact, things seemed to run smoother than usual. Probably because we didn't  have to watch out for drool on the floor, which can be a work hazard.

My coworker's philosophy
To make a long story longer: I was gone for the last part of yesterday. Apparently things got "crazy" here because there were four patients here. FOUR! WTFF!! Means freaking fudge. So now my boss feels that I abandoned ship, causing my coworker to actually having to work. Go figure. He's been soooo nice to her I almost want to vomit. Example, "thank you for doing your job". Actual words he said to her. Eh, I'm all for work place appreciation and all that and positive feedback but only if it's true. Me - he's ignoring or treating as if I'm in his way.

I feel better now. And that's why there will be no bodies to show up for with a tarp and a shovel. I guess I'll use the Call A Friend option for another time.

This is a video Edwin, who claims he's a grumpy pants, tipped me of and that I'll be doing later.

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