Tuesday, December 8, 2015

New Jacket, New LBS, And No Bike Tuesday

Last weekend was our Christmas party, which is why I didn't leave any cyber footprints yesterday. While I don't get hungover at all I do get paranoid. The post alcohol paranoia isn't aimed at anyone or anything in particular, but it's present and it's real.

I biked in yesterday because I figured the fresh air and rain would do me good - and it did. I also wanted to test out my new jacket that was given to me by one of my nervous friends. With the exception of hubby, no one in my life thinks commuting by bike is a good idea. What I see as exercise, they see as a death wish. But I'm as stubborn as they come, so instead of fighting a losing battle I am constantly bombarded with opinions and advice. And last, but not least, this jacket.

Yellow Teletubby
I am torn over this item since I'm not sure if it's preventative or serves as a big target on my back, so I decided to test it out. Well, turns out it made zero difference. The asshats along Newport Way were as plentiful as usual. So much for that. But I liked the jacket in and of itself - it's warm, completely waterproof, and overall quite functional - not to mention free, so I'll most likely remove the letters and use it for very cold and rainy days.

The tip came off!
No, not quoting John Bobbitt
Much like the Hulk, I don't know my own strength. As I went to put a little more air into my rear tire yesterday morning pre ride, part of the valve broke off. Initially I thought I had unscrewed it a bit too far, but I couldn't get it back in again. The air seemed to stay inside the tire, so I figured I'd take a look once I arrived at work. Well, the stem was broken off, so I called a new LBS. I tried to be supportive of the local business last time and went to Issaquah Bike, but let's just say I didn't notice an difference between them and REI.
A story about fixing a tire at a small local bike shop
I think the new LBS is better. At least they were able to fix my tire and tighten my brakes, but they charged me over $60 for it. The tire being $5, I feel it's a little on the higher end of what I believe to be reasonable. Especially since Gregg's Cycle charged me $5 for the same amount of work. Perhaps I'm just being paranoid.

I didn't bike in today. I'm jealous of those who did so I'm declaring this day No Bike Tuesday - which means no one can bike. Unless this is how you bike to work.

If I were really hardcore, I would install this at work and bike while I'm at my desk. Not sure if the world is ready for this yet.

I miss my weekend rides but I am holding off until the other side of winter. I prefer to enjoy my rides instead of constantly dodging debris, which there is tons of in every bike lane. But come March or so, I'll be back at it - riding centuries every weekend.

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