Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Day Two Of A Supposed Post Apocalypse

I almost stopped to take a photo today - just to show just how empty the streets are, but stopping is against my nature so I biked on sans photo. The streets were eerily empty, just like yesterday. Hardly any cars. This is how I imagine the world post apocalypse to look like. I will try to get a photo for tomorrow.

However, there were no zombies to be spotted so I'm not fearing any real impending apocalypse. But just to be safe, I will check up on our emergency supplies. And melee weapons.

On that note, why is it that none of the post apocalypse movies have bicycles? Sure, there are people riding scooters or motorcycles, but no one is riding a bicycle. I would have thought that a bicycle would be the logical choice in a world where gas is a sparse commodity. Plus, if one doesn't factor in World War Z, I could out-bike any zombie on a bicycle. A bicycle is also quieter than any motorized vehicle if noise is a factor.

Sorry, guy, but this just isn't sexy
Perhaps the lack of bicycles is due to the fact that bicycles on screen aren't cool. I somehow doubt that the motorcycle scene in Mission Impossible would have been as cool if they had been riding bicycles. Running away from zombies on a bicycle just isn't as sexy as riding a motorcycle. Pedaling away with sweat dripping all over just isn't sexy. While there is something as a sexy way of running, there just isn't a sexy way of cycling. I think. I'm not ruling it completely out, but based on experience there just isn't sexy in huffing and puffing away on a bike. So maybe that's why there aren't any bicycles in The Walking Dead or Faling Skies (no zombies, but plenty of aliens).

All I know is that I would stop by the local bike shop and stock up on supplies in the event of an apocalypse. Not that I'm hoping for a zombie apocalypse but there are lots of cool bikes I'd like to gt my hands on. That is, after I test drive any cool car nearby.  I might raid the local Porche store.

Drool worthy bikes on my post zombie apocalyps list:

Jamis Xenith Comp Femme

Colnago Arabesque
I'm almost through December, so it's looking good as far as remaining a year-round bike commuter. Sure it's cold and mostly wet, but so far the benefits far outweigh any negatives. Don't worry, I'm far too lazy to become a bike evangelist and doubt I will try to convert anyone to bike instead of drive. Only two more months of darkness.

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