Wednesday, September 2, 2015

First World Problem

Amongst all the potential problems in the world, deciding which ride to do out of two awesome options is definitely a first world problem. And decided I've done. September 12, you will find me returning to the scene of the crime from Monday. My coworkers are convinced I'm a little loony tunes, but I'm sure there are worse things to be addicted to than biking.

I'm doing Tour de Blast, hopefully under better conditions than HPC. The following Sunday, I'm volunteering at the Bike-n-Brews El Norte.

As if that wasn't enough, I'm doing PROS this coming Monday. I was considering biking to Portland by my lonesome self, but there really isn't enough daylight to do so in one day. Ah, there's always next year.

My wish list for the coming "fiscal" year looks like this:

Chilly Hilly - February

Daffodil Classic - April

Alaska Airlines Flying Wheels - May

Group Health Inland Empire Century  - May

Pioneer Century - June

Red-Bell 100 - June

STP - July

RSVP - August

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