Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Epic Cleat Failure of 2015

"Everyone" has been telling me to bike with cleats for a while now. Why haven't I? I guess I've been too chicken to do so, also I've been biking without until now and it's been fine. Why reinvent the wheel and so on. However, I put dual purpose pedals on my new bike to at least have the option to use cleats.

Handy dandy pedals

This is because I'm usually up for trying everything at least once, so last night I installed cleats on my shoes.

Hubby's work

I started out with one foot this morning and tested how to unclip. Turns out I have to turn my foot inwards to get it out. I felt like a toddler who's learning how to walk. After a bit, I felt braver, thinking I had mastered the whole unclipping business, so I put both cleats in. Hmm... well, let's just say it wasn't a success.

I forgot I was clipped in.

First intersection after moronically fastening both feet to my pedals, I had to stop for a car. As the bike slowed down, I went to put my right foot down for support - only it didn't move. Bike comes to a complete stop and I went down for the count in slow motion, while uttering "oh, shit, oh, shit, oh, shit" to myself on the way down.

The driver of the car I was stopping so thoroughly for pulled over and asked me if I was ok as I was laying sprawled out on the road. I have to say I did the tuck and roll pretty well and I also found out that falling down does release the cleats from the pedals so it wasn't a complete failure. I assured her I was ok. She asked again if I was really sure. I told her yes, and that I was only testing out cleats for the first time.

The great cleat injury
My knee survived the cleat test but I probably won't use them on my commute. From what I can tell, cleats are great on longer rides, but on rides when I have to stop every few feet they're more cumbersome than helpful.

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