Thursday, September 17, 2015

Painting Sprees and Passive Aggressiveness

It all started at our morning meeting. Being a transplant, it took years before I got acclimated to the favorite past time of the Northwest: Passive Aggressiveness. Some people use this quality sparingly and pull it out just for special occasions, others wave the flag proudly on a daily basis.

This morning the Great PA (Passive Aggressive) Standoff of September 2015 started with an off comment by one of my coworkers. He said his wife thought it strange that our office hadn't been re-painted since we moved in here. Being new to the clinic, I wasn't sure how long the current paint had resided on the wall, but was quickly filled in on it only being three years.

I suspect that comment got under another coworkers skin in a big way. Not long after, she started painting the walls - while we were running full clinic. I'm afraid to ask her why she felt the need to start painting IMMEDIATELY. If you ask me, we could have painted during the weekend. Not today. Not now.

I'm no expert, but I don't think painting fumes are good for your health. And not at a medical clinic. I can''t write any longer. I will use my last oxygen to change into biking gear.

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