Friday, September 4, 2015

No Longer Homocidal

I biked in this morning and what a difference that makes. I don't feel generally annoyed anymore, just alert and calm, which seems contradicting. Below is my route.

If you follow the link to my profile, you won't find much as I didn't start using Ride With GPS until later in the game. I wasn't sure how much battery it would use on my phone - not much I've found. I wish I would have documented a few more trips, but spilt milk under the bridge and all that.

Funny though. I thought I would feel stronger after that man or mouse challenge of Monday, but my legs feel the same. I take that back. My butt does feel stronger, it's like it's perfectly molded to my seat. Which it probably is after nine hours in the saddle.

Today I felt the first chills of fall. It was foggy, damp, and cold. The kind of cold that creeps into your bones. I really don't like downhills, which might make me an oddity. I love the long climbs that go on for miles. No wonder I loved the climbs of HPC so much, and it also explains why I'm going back on the 12th.

On my way to work I pass by a road construction area. They've been working on this tiny intersection for over four months, which seems a bit long for something that doesn't seem very complicated to do. I believe they are replacing the asphalt and putting in sidewalks. Oh well, what do I know. I'm not a road worker.

It's Friday. The start of a three day weekend. Can't wait until Monday and PROS.

My route back home and the hill that made me able to do the HPC. Thank goodness for the hills of Seattle.

On second thought, I realize that the title of this post might imply that I've been homocidal. This is not true. I think.

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