Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Guys In Spandex

Alright. This had to happen. Guys in bike short. Sometimes amusing, other times dangerous to ones eyesight. I bring you a selection of the best the interweb has to offer.

I think this is a somewhat famous dude, but holy moly. What is that thing at the front of those shorts? A bunch of bananas? A hamster? A bunch of grapes?

Here's another winner.

Or rather, it's more technical - also this dude is wearing his shorts inside out. I thought this would be ideal for John Bump post taco eating. It's got vent holes and all.

For the more discerning and fashion forward biker out there, I'm so glad I stumbled across this.

Not only does it come with suspenders, but the mid seam offer the boys/berries/mash a nice place of rest. It comes in several colors.

I feel this color brings out the camel toe a little better than in black. Agree?

To round it up, here's an alternative I'm not sold on the functionality of.

I wonder what happens when this dude bends over to really get some momentum. I suppose if this biking thing doesn't work out, you can moonlight as a plumber. You're welcome.

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