Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Heroes on Two Wheels

I'm not easily impressed - except when it comes to shoes, purses and shiny things. I am, after all, a girl. I've now finished reading about Sam's bicycling adventure from Seattle to Colorado and I am impressed Not just because of the ride in itself, but because the recap is funny and well written. Reading that blog made me want to do an item on my Bikeit list even more.

On my Bikeit list is riding across America. Now, only time will tell whether it's a pipe dream or not. I hope it will happen but as much as I like biking alone and all that, riding with someone probably is a must. Darn matching chromosomes. The chromosome issue is just one obstacle. Riding across America takes time, and from what I can gather, a ride of this proportion takes around three months. Unfortunately, I'm not in the 1%, nor the top 10, so taking this much time off from work isn't a possibility. Even if I could, being away from my family and young 'uns for three months is a stretch. But... challenges are meant to be overcome, right? And where there's a will, there's a way? We'll see.

Oh, and I have to cough up around $8,000 to do so. If I decide to do this ride, these are the guys that will most likely make it happen: Adventure Cycling Association. Cause I'm a girl.

This is a good site for tips written by Ryan Sclar who did this ride in 2011. Now I've really started fantasizing. Here's packing list porn.

The more I think about it though, the more I'm thinking I should be able to do this ride by myself. Despite the issue of the matching chromosomes.

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