Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Slow Day At Work And A-holes on Two Wheels

Today is a slow day at work. Not a lot of patients and the phone is oddly quiet. The office smells of vinyl thanks to the new chairs we got yesterday.

Shiny new vinyl
While writing my "Heroes and Zeros" segment of my blog, it looks as though the dickheads of the road are mainly sitting in cars. Sadly, they are also sitting on saddles. There's a particularly scary spot on my commute where the bike lane disappears where the road meets a drive way and the bike lane merges with sidewalk. I usually slow down in order to survive that stretch of road.

Now, I thought about including this in the segment above, but on second thought I decided it was worth its own post - fellow bicyclists who are inconsiderate a-holes.

As I found myself midway on the aforementioned stretch, with just enough space between me and the cars to feel comfortable i.e. a couple of feet, a cyclist blazed passed me saying "on your left" as he passed me. Ok, so I appreciate that you attempted giving me a heads-up, but saying this while you are passing me kind of makes this gesture empty. Also, you scared the shit out of me by passing me with less than an inch of clearance between you and me. Another thing that made your stunt so maddening stupid and reckless was the fact that had you only waited FOUR more feet, you could have passed me with plenty of clearance for the both of us.

Look, I don't really expect a whole lot of consideration from cars, but other bicyclists? Come on. You guys know how scary it can be on two wheels amongst cars and pedestrians. Especially the former. You know the dangers of being ignored or simply being invisible to cars, so why are you adding to the dangers? It's not like we're doing Tour de France or are in some other race. It's not like those 2 seconds you potentially save by passing me like a moron are worth the risk.

My point is we're in this madness together. As fellow bicyclists we should look out for each other and be super considerate. A-holes on two wheels pisses me off more than cars. Way more. And I will shame you on my blog. Relentlessly.

It was kind of ironic too, since yesterday was a perfect day for the drivers. ALL of them were considerate and gave PLENTY of space.

Well, I caught up with you at the intersection, and here you are in all your spandex glory.

A-hole on two wheels

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