Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Slugfest Is Over

Not sure why I would melt my own bike...
I have a confession to make. I'm not Super Bike Chick. Monday's ride in to work was a true slugfest. My thigh muscles ached and my bike didn't seem to move very fast at all. The hills that normally don't seem very hilly, went on forever and ever and I was breathing like a hippopotamus. Not sure how/if they breathe very hard.

So maybe I've pushed myself too hard lately. Tour de Blast was probably not the right call given the circumstances. And then the speed race on Sunday to make it to my volunteering gig. Not the smartest decisions I've made. Well, hindsight and all that.

With Monday fresh in my memory, I have to admit I dreaded biking in on Tuesday - for the first time since I started biking this time around. But lo and behold, my thighs didn't feel as if they were about to fall off and I enjoyed most parts of the ride - both to and from work. The hill on 164 was good and I wasn't hating it like I did on Monday.

Yesterday I took the day off from biking. I was going to a pharmaceutical dinner after work and didn't feel like biking home in the dark. I bought new biking gloves while I was waiting for the dinner to start at Gregg's Cycle in Bellevue. At first the store seemed like it was going to be yet another disappointment, where the staff only help you if you are buying a $5,000 bike, and the "do you need help?" are uttered more out of store policy rather than a genuine offer, but the second person I talked to at Gregg's turned out to be a pleasant surprise. I think his name was Steve, but I could be wrong. I will make an effort to find out because he was really helpful and didn't push me to buy anything, just gave me great advise and input.

A wet dream...

Today's ride in was GREAT! A little wet, but perfect in all other aspects. And the cars, all apart from one, gave plenty of space making me feel safe and not fearing for my life.

I think the time has come to buy front fenders for my bike. I have rear fenders but it doesn't help my wet socks much. Only two more bike rides to go before bike season is officially over. That doesn't mean MY bike season is over - especially not with my new and fancy gloves. I might do my first review of them later. Not promising anything.

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