Wednesday, February 17, 2016

It's Magical - Making New Spandex Friends

Hubby has joined a nerd herd.
It could be worse
Every weekend this nerd herd meets to play Magic. All day long the conversations go "my four wooden elves beat your water cress snake" or "my carpet rolling wilderbeasts cast a spell of silence over your mountain dragon". I have no idea who hubby is anymore.
As long as I don't have to see it
And it all started with his lair. After we moved, we ended up with a spare bed room. Since hubby does a great deal of work from home, I suggested he take that room and do with it as he pleases. He is now considering velvet wallpaper for his man lair. One would think I know the man I chose to marry enough to say whether he's serious about said wallpaper, but I really couldn't tell you.

Hubby's lair now has a 55" TV, a gaming console, a bar, soon to be a mini fridge, and a work station.

From there, his nerdness spread like an evil spell to our living room and weekly Magic gatherings. As crazy as all this seems, I support it. I find it funny and adorable. But the funny thing about magic is that it tends to spread. I might write about that later.

On a side note - the missing lube has resurfaced. Hubby came in from the garage last night proudly announcing, "all that lube you couldn't find was right there", but by "right there" he meant in various boxes, on the top shelf I can't reach even in my wildest dreams, and under his truck. Not exactly right there by my definition.

Not him but very close to the real thing
The craziest thing happened this morning: I said hi to the eBike guy. Say whaaat?!? It all happened so quickly I'm not sure it was real but I believe it really did happen. I was hanging out at the intersection between SE 8th St and 140 Ave SE when I happened to glance back to check for asshat cars with their blinkers on. My peripherals caught a light that wasn't a car light so I turned around again - and what did I spy with my little eyes but the old dude on the eBike.

He said "hello" first then I said "hello" back and then I surprised myself by telling him to go first when the light turned green and he said "thank you" and the driver of the car next to us said "get a room" and I told him to fuck off and the last part is a lie but it was all very polite like.

So now I have a friend in - not Jesus - but spandex.

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