Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Tire Wars - This Time It's Personal!

This time it's personal
Another morning, another flat. Jeesh, this is starting to get old.

And this time it's personal.

All right, this time I kind of had it coming. Not really, but it wasn't unexpected. So it's still personal.

I had a hunch that the glass of Friday didn't come out yesterday, despite my somewhat thorough attempt. I suspect that instead of working the glass out of the tire, I just worked it back into the tire - making it a ticking glass bomb.

Well, I didn't have to wait long for the glass bomb to detonate. During the ride home, it must have poked through again causing a slow leak during the night.

This morning I was prepared with a brand new tire and two new inner tubes. At this rate, patching is probably a good idea +Ian Emmons, but since I'm only just starting to get a hang of the whole changing inner tube thing, I'll save that skill set for another day. I am saving the old inner tubes, though.

So - new day, new inner tube, new tire. We shall see if this makes a difference. I wasn't able to get another tire brand since my LBS doesn't carry anything but their own brand and REI doesn't stock bike tires during "off-season".

Good thing I didn't go on my long ride this weekend because it would have sucked to get stranded 75 miles from home. 
I'll be changing tires like this soon
Despite my fifth flat since December 30th, I'm remaining positive - but I'm a glass shard hater for life. I am getting great practice changing inner tubes and tires. This morning it only took me 10 minutes to change not only the inner tube but a new tire. I think that's pretty solid after only two previous attempts.

I'd say it will come in handy, but I'm of course hoping that I won't need this newly acquired skill until much much later.

Friday was my eight month bike commuting monthiversary. Not counting the two weeks I didn't bike due to my sister in law's death and funeral, there's only been two days where I didn't bike in and that was because of ice and being sick.

Friday I actually biked up the hill I was dead set on conquering without feeling as if I'm about to die - and for the first time I didn't see black spots dancing in front of my eyes.

The Hill
21.7% max grade!
This is only the second time I managed to bike up that hill without getting off the bike and walking so that's definitely progress.

Oh, and the weather! It was so warm yesterday that I walked outside in short sleeves. And this morning I biked in with only a short sleeved jersey and my wind jacket, which brought back memories of summer and long bike rides.

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