Monday, February 1, 2016

Fancy Light Fail And No Bike Monday

I spent the weekend napping and not biking, which I'm surprisingly ok with since I seem to have dodged the big cold bullet. But I didn't bike in today - for two reasons; making really sure I don't get sick and to take home all my dirty scrubs.

However, unless I am dead tomorrow, I am biking in.

Which means I get to test out the new bike light! As suspected, the CygoLite Dash that I bought last week wasn't doing anything useful so I took it back to REI. And that's the only good thing about REI - that one can return things without a hassle.

#alienabduction #thetruthisoutthere
Sure, the light looked plenty fancy, but more bling didn't bring more light to the table. I exchanged the Cygos for another light that I will be testing out tomorrow. I also returned my NiteRider light. I feel a little sad about returning it because I had such high hopes for it and because it was the first light I bought. Returning that light felt a little like how I imagine giving up the hopes and dreams of your first born would feel like.

Spring is starting to spring and with the thaw comes the horde of fair-weathered bicyclists who don't use lights in the dark, don't know the rules of the road from their ass, and are generally annoying. I know this sounds a bit bitchy, and I really should be glad about other bicyclists on the road, but unfortunately more bicyclists equals more morons. Well, at least these morons aren't driving cars.

Happy to report no new flats because I think I've mapped out all the piles of glass on my commute. Also, I've stopped taking the short-cut through the ACME dynamite factory.

#explosions #pilesofglass

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