Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Soggy Waffles And The Importance Of Proper Rim Coverage

Stop spreading glass!
They finally swept the streets. By "they" I mean the city. I think the sweeping made everything worse. At this point I had finally mapped out every glassy spot on my commute but post sweeping I have no idea where the glass is anymore.

The smashed wine bottle is now spread all over the street instead of being contained to a limited area.

I know, there's just no pleasing me.

Speaking of pleasing - my coworker told me about his spinning class where they had to come up with nick names. One of the members of his class chose Soggy Waffles. Google it. Leggo my Eggo will never be the same again.
That's not butter on my waffle...
Apparently the same can be said for eating the cookie, as in "eat the cookie".

Other news - we are out of anoscopes. Seems there have been too many assholes (literally) lately.

This morning marks the first with no flat tire in I don't even remember how long since. I actually had a dream about the tire being flat. Last night I started wondering if the flats could be caused by the wheel and not glass. I figured that would be the next logical step to check should the tire be flat again this morning. It would make sense that this could happen. If the part of the wheel facing the inner tube has sharp parts on it, this could cause a flat. Not sure how common it is for the wheel to malfunction, but stranger things have happened I'm sure.

Apparently there's an easy fix should that be the issue, but for now the air is staying inside the tire. Guess it wouldn't hurt getting some rim tape though. And I guess it wouldn't hurt checking the existing rim tape on my rear wheel.

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