Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Donald only I know - As told by Blaze 500XLR

My bike light and Donald - who knew!
Imagine my surprise when I spotted my new bike light on the cover of US Weekly, apparently sharing relationship details about her marriage to Donald Trump. I was surprised on so many levels - for one I didn't even know my bike light was a girl, not to mention I had no idea that she was involved with Donald Trump.

This was too good to keep to myself, so I will share with you some of what she said about "The Donald Only I Know".

We had great chemistry from the night we met. It was a great sparkle. But you need to date the person and then you know them more. Our first date, we went to Moomba in New York City. We had dinner and spent time together there. We talked about a lot of different stuff. It was a fun night. When you have connection, you can talk about everything.
The Donald Only I Know
Wow! I had no idea. Well, since my new bike light, Blaze, shared a little about the Donald only she knows, I thought it fitting to share a little about the Blaze only I know.

We met at REI in Redmond. We had great chemistry after I had read several positive online reviews about Blaze. When I placed her on my bike this morning, it was a great sparkle. But you need to ride with the light and then you know it more. Our first ride, we went to work in Bellevue. We lit up the path well and spent an enjoyable time riding in together. We didn't talk much. It was a fun ride in nonetheless. When you have connection, no words are needed.

To sum it up - my bike light seems good for its intended purpose. It's got a wide angle and is just bright enough to make the ride in good. But you know, since Blaze insists on hanging around people like Donald, I might have to reconsider our relationship. Only time will tell if I can get over that love connection or not. Until then, I guess we'll keep on riding into the sunrise and sunset together.

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