Friday, November 13, 2015

A Pain In The Ass - The Saddle Conundrum

The first thing I noticed when I got my first new bike was that the saddle hurt like hell. Just biking in to work that first morning with a new bike not only had my butt hurt for hours, but it also caused my upper thighs to get numb. I quickly switched back to my old seat and the pain went away.

Now this is a serious saddle!
Now that I'm biking quite a bit, I'm starting to notice that the old seat might not be up to par but I'm reluctant to switch. I know that the saddle on the new bike was a plain and probably not very ergonomical stock seat so that shouldn't be my comparison and a reason not to try a new saddle, but better the devil you know, right?

Compared to this - I have no complaints
I have no idea what type of saddle I have, nor who the manufacturer is, but it works on shorter rides that are less than 60 miles. Anything longer than that, I start to notice some chaffing and butt pain. I am beginning to suspect that my saddle is meant for people with exterior plumbing which excludes me. I've started window shopping for a new saddle but haven't decided whether I'll get one yet or not.

Here are the contenders so far:

The Bontrager Evoke RL WSD


The Charge Spoon
Fizik’s Arione

WTB Deva

I'm leaning towards the WTB Deva - but like I said, I'm still just window shopping. Why the Deva? It looks comfy and I'll admit - slightly prettier than the other ones. I'm a girl when it comes down to it. Yes, I know pretty shouldn't be a factor when it comes to a bike saddle, but there you have it.
I suspect this would be quite painful and contribute to interesting butt patterns
I got my new helmet yesterday and I don't know if I'm just imagining, but the cars were much more considerate this morning. I was given all kinds of space, but then again it could have been a good morning just because.

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