Friday, November 13, 2015

Preliminary Rain Gear Review

I am so happy to report that my new rain gear is holding up. Rain was forecasted and rain it was this morning. It was pouring down but I stayed dry. Completely dry. This is what I got:

Waterproof gloves

Shoes with cleats - say whaat?

Shoe covers
Rain pants
Ok, consider me converted as far as the cleat shoes go. If my new rain gear holds up as well as it did this morning, I've finally stumbled onto something. The rain pants are REI brand - Novara. I know, I probably shouldn't encourage REI in their in-house equipment making, but I don't really care too much about the pants other than them being waterproof. The shoes are Shimano and they're neither here nor there yet as I haven't biked with them much. They seem ok, though.
Shoe covers by Pearl Izumi. Again, nothing special, but they seem to hold out water well. The gloves are ski gloves, but who cares as long as they are waterproof. I've given up on the lobster gloves in downpours.
But yeay for staying dry, and I really hope I will continue to stay dry. I don't think I'll install front fenders on my bike just yet, so I guess that makes me only 50% #teamfenders364.
Happy Friday. I really need it to be weekend.

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