Friday, November 20, 2015


Yes, I absolutely meant to add that extra F. This week was one of those that yells "on your left" for then to pass you on the right.

No, not that
Not this either

This is more like it
This morning's commute was so cold I almost died. I wore my old work jacket and tied a wool scarf with tigers on around my head - but my butt will either fall off or live for another 100 years without me, depending on whether you believe in cryogenics or not. I guess it's time to invest in warmer pants.

I won't bike this weekend. For one, it's too cold, and secondly, I have decided to partake in close combat activities that may or may not involve the use of profanities and melee weapons: I am going shopping for Christmas presents. Every year it's the same thing - I say to myself that I will buy next year's presents on sale in January but it never happens. Oh, well, I suppose spending a night in jail due to fighting over the very last hyped up toy of this year's Christmas is part of the traditions. I might have to pop a valium before going.

Speaking of valium. One of my patients took one prior to the appointment, can I get space cadet for $200, Alex?

On the topic of Christmas, here's my list for Santa:

Waterproof handlebar pannier
Sealskinz for my other bike shoes
Warm bike pants
1,000,000 dollars

Not that much to wish for.

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