Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Rules Of Engagement

Hubby texted me yesterday while I was still at work:

Another greatest hits
Turns out I didn't have to be fat because there really wasn't any wind riding home last night. It was dark, though, and my rear lights went out - which was commented on by a fellow biker. As he rode past me he said; "Great reflectors, but you need a tail light." No shit, Sherlock. Not only do I have a tail light - I have two, but as luck would have it they both went out at the same time. Hmmm... I suppose he was right. I was also passed by a guy decked in spandex from head to toe. He zoomed passed me without a word, not even an "on your left". Whenever I see someone like that now I think of Josh Ross. Not the rude part, but the all spandex part.

My favorite hill was closed off due to a tree that had fallen and couldn't get up so I had to snake through an unknown neighborhood with a couple of steep hills. I got semi-lost twice but thanks to google maps I made it home. I discovered that it really sucks having to stop mid hill when you're not sure which road to take - especially when that hill is 10% grade. But, two steep hills, a couple of detours, and a fire engine later, I was home.

I now have somewhat of a first world problem when I bike passed Sammamish High School on 140th: the cars are too polite. I've almost toppled over a few times because I end up in a "no, you first" dance with a car. Since my bike lane is on the right, some cars actually take that into consideration before they turn right into the drop-off lane at the school so they wait. I'm just assuming that no one will stop, so I slow down and await their turn. And then the dance starts. I have started to cleat in, not anticipating to come to a full stop, so when cars don't go I am forced to stop. Probably have to stop cleating on that stretch.

Since it's Wednesday (the day I usually start planning weekend rides) and the monsoon is over for now, I am thinking of doing a longer ride this weekend. With this weather forecast, it would be hard to resist.

It's been so long now that I'm not even sure what that yellow spiky circle means. My options are either the Centennial Trail or The Interurban Trail, so north or south - but then again I might just bike around the big lake with an extra loop.

Year round commuters are weird and I think I fit right in; stubborn as hell, very equipment focused, and not awfully chatty.


  1. Things I learned reading this...

    I need to build my mountian bike back up.

    I need my lights working.

    It bugs the shit outta me when people blow past on the left withoit saying anything!

    Tho we needed the rain in Portland, I am happy its gone

    I am very proud to be a year round bike commuter.

    I am John Nurse-Mayes and thats what I got

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  3. I'm always paranoid about my tail lights going out. I'm the compulsive type that has to look back every couple of minutes to ensure they're still on.

    and I know what you mean about the "too police" drivers. On the one hand I appreciate their courtesy and what they probably think of us safety -- after all, they're probably conditioned at least in part by those of us who consistently violate right-of-way laws. On the other hand, I just wish everybody would follow the same right-of-way rules so we know who goes first.