Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Life Happens While Biking

When I first started writing here it was mostly about bikes and biking, but biking doesn't exist in a vacuum so while I still care deeply about everything that involves me and my bike - life happens. Life happens while I'm biking and in between biking so you might have noticed that my writings have become slightly more personal as of late. But there's a balance, because things last forever on the internet. Once it's out there, it's out there forever and ever. There are no take-backs. I try to keep that in mind as I write about myself here.

No worries, this ain't no diary, nor will it ever contain heart shaped dots...
I don't mind sharing slightly personal things, but there's protecting the innocent like hubby and other people I care for. And I think that protection also has to apply to what I'm sharing about myself - even though that technically is my decision. But say I wrote I have every STD in the book: while that technically is my information to share, it would have ramifications for hubby as well. Because that says something about me, but not only me, but also my partner. Just to clarify: I don't have any STDs. Never have, hopefully never will.

Protect what you love
The above was meant as an example. On second thought, it might as well have been about affairs I have or gerbils I've killed. What I'm trying to say is that I believe there's a balance between being open and sharing too damn much. I don't want to end up in the latter category. I was also debating whether I should register with my name or an alias. I chose an alias because I hadn't decided what my online participation should be yet. I still haven't decided on the anonymity. Some days I don't care, other days I feel limited because there is a handful of people now who know who I am in real life.

This long intro leads to the following. I've met a boy. For the moment it's neither here nor there and it might be nothing, but I am curious by nature and currently restless. Not typically a combo that ends with me sitting in a corner twiddling thumbs. I'll admit I have been open to opportunities but not in an active sort of way like placing ads online or creating profiles on various sites.

It's never easy to meet someone. Married or not. But it's a little easier to meet someone whose daily ongoings I won't be a part of. Whose dirty socks that will never be my problem, and whose annoying habits that were charming in the beginning but now drive you to the edge of sanity at times, will remain charming because they won't be a daily occurrence. It's like being an aunt instead of being a mother - all play and fun and no arguing about bedtime.

Why write about this here? While I'm just thinking and haven't decided either way, this seems a good way to process. Because there really isn't anything to discuss with hubby yet. And chillax, I'm not an adulterer nor would I ever be with a partner that "belongs" to someone else without said partner's consent.

So we will see if this meeting leads to me; a girl, standing in front of a boy...

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