Monday, November 16, 2015

When Will The Fat Lady Sing?

This is getting ridiculous. Turns out I spoke too soon about my rain gear. The shoe covers got soaked on the way home Friday, the rain pants kept riding up my legs, and don't get me started on the gloves. Waterproof my ass. So much for staying dry. The gear failure prevented me from doing my weekend ride. Like I've said, I don't mind being cold or wet - just not in combination. And since I didn't have functioning rain pants, nor shoe covers, I knew I was going to be both. Last Saturday fresh in memory, I wasn't about to head out for another misery ride. But I am not a quitter, so off to REI and the LBS I went. I returned the malfunctioning rain gear and exchanged it for Sealskinz gloves and shoe covers.

I bought these rain pants at one of the small local bike shops. They are made by Endura and are super long. Apparently REI doesn't get the mechanics of cycling well with their short short pants.

By the end of the winter season, I will be an expert in rain gear. What I've learned so far is that waterproof doesn't necessarily mean waterproof and clothing that seem ok at first try, aren't so the second time around.

This morning's commute was very cold and for the first time the roads felt slick so I had to slow down significantly in order not to have a wipe-out. I am still standing by my commitment to bike through the winter unless there's snow. I will have to get something for my face as well unless I want my cheeks to suffer from frostbite. My face was the only cold body part, which can probably be remedied easily.

I am really hoping this is it for rain gear because I am running out of options. If this doesn't work, I don't know what to do. This morning was not a good test for other than proving the pants and gloves were windproof as there was no rain.

Why am I obsessing so much about rain gear? I could always call it quits for the season and drive to work. That would be the sensible thing to do. For me though, the rewards I get from biking to work far outweighs the minor inconveniences. And I don't feel that I'm asking too much - since all I'm asking is to stay dry to and from work for a total of 20 miles. So be it if I can't do weekend rides for a while, but I am not giving up my bike commute.

Here's to hoping I will hear singing by the end of the week.

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