Tuesday, November 24, 2015

"You Don't Have To Do This!" + Ride Report

As I was biking home yesterday being all maudlin, I recalled something that happened when I first started out in uniform. I believe this is common for most women when they join - especially if you're young, like a rite of passage of sorts. Anywho, I was asked to go undercover in vice as a prostitute. At the time I was volunteering at the Boys And Girls Club.

I think it was the third time I was out walking the streets when I spotted a minivan in my peripherals and heard someone shouting something out of the car. I got a little nervous, but trusted my partners to have my back. The van was driving super slow as it pulled up along side me. I glanced over and recognized the father of one of the kids from the club in it. He had the passenger side window down and was leaning towards me as he was shouting, "You don't have to do this!" I shook my head and walked a little faster, hoping he would give up. He didn't. He then said, "Quick, get into my car. I will save you." I told him he was confusing me with someone else, but he still wouldn't give up. After urging me to be saved by him a few more times he eventually gave up.

I wanted to tell him I was undercover but couldn't. He didn't know I was a cop since we didn't know each other too well. Next time I saw him, he pretended like nothing had happened. I never explained and we never talked about it. Now when I think about it, I'm wondering why he was driving in the area in the first place. It was quite funny in retrospect - me decked out in complete hooker outfit with fishnets and all, him in his dad van pleading with me to get off the streets.

Looks more like a soccer mom than a street walker
On the topic of streets (smooth segue) I was almost mowed down this morning. I was crossing an intersection with a car that was passing me on the left. As it was passing me, the next thing I knew was headlights coming towards me from the lane going in the opposite direction. A car was turning to his left, not seeing me behind the car. He managed to stop in time and I was screaming like a little girl. I think I sounded like a cross between a sea lion and a squirrel. Lesson learned: when crossing intersections, take into account that cars cannot see me if I'm behind a car.

I decided not to get too freaked out by the near hit because of this: It doesn't matter whether I'm in a car, walking, or biking - there will always be near incidents. Take last weekend as an example when I was rear ended in my car. The difference is that I am far more vulnerable on a bike than in a car - which is why it seems scarier.

Also this morning - an abandoned motorcycle by the road. Unfortunately, a motorcycle cop was already standing by it. It was a pretty sweet ride. Red and shiny. Strange. It's not snowing today and I doubt it will but it's very wet which means I got to test my rain gear again and I'm happy to report that I'm still completely dry. Thank you new rain pants and sealskinz shoe covers!

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