Monday, November 23, 2015

In Another Life

For as long as I can remember I knew I wanted to be something that had to do with law enforcement. As I grew older, my choice came down to either a lawyer or a police officer. I didn't become a lawyer. But law enforcement wasn't what I thought it would be. As much as I wanted to serve and do good, it ended up being soul sucking and nearly destroying my faith in humanity. I left before I wouldn't recognize myself anymore. I left, and never looked back - until now.

I suspect I might be going through an early midlife crisis of sorts as I've never been one for looking back. It's not that I question my choices per se, but it's like I'm taking stock of them and asking very quietly "what if". I'm not even going to talk about regrets because that's more of a death bed activity in my opinion, not to mention a pointless exercise. You get what you get and you don't throw a fit.

Hubby and I have a rule. If one of us suggests an activity the other person doesn't feel like doing, that person can't say no without coming up with at least two other suggestions. This is a rule I've applied in life as well - long before I met hubby. If I can't do something anymore, I have to come up with at least two realistic alternatives before I can throw in the towel. So when I realized law enforcement wasn't for me anymore, I had to come up with alternatives - and landed on health care.

Nice and warm but sad
As I went through some old stuff a while back, very early spring cleaning or whatever, I came across a box that contained old work attire. A couple of the jackets have come in handy lately. The one above and the dress jacket. Both extremely warm and windproof. The one above is even waterproof. I checked with the local branch and it's ok to wear both as long as I don't start directing traffic. Not bloody likely. However, looking through that box got me all nostalgic. Funny how the bad stuff seems to fade over time and the good memories linger. What I now remember is the camaraderie and strange encounters with the public and not the heart wrenching quagmire of people you wanted so badly to help but couldn't.

What I've also found is that my knowledge of traffic laws are lacking. Sure, some laws are universal but it's an entire different story being on a bike then walking the streets/driving a car. Perhaps I should have been a bike cop. I might have lasted longer had I chosen that (bike) path.

To end on a non navel contemplating note: My commute in this morning was cold but dry, just the way I like it. I feared slick roads but nada. The dry roads made for a pine needle less ride, meaning my bike wasn't covered in them post ride - which is when my good ol' tools come in handy.

Great tools for bike cleaning!
Yes, I still stand by my tools - and as a bonus I can test my bike for STDs.

I am contemplating participation in the Northwest Harvest Fundraiser Ride this year but haven't decided yet. My participation depends on how much prep work I have to do for the dinner we're hosting this year. We're doing the whole thing including a brined turkey, green beans, multiple pies, and whatever else I come up with. Probably something disgusting involving jello and marshmallows.

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