Monday, January 4, 2016

2015 - No, wait... 2016

Happy new year and all that. Me, I spent new year's eve staring at the clock until it turned midnight, then hubby and I looked at each other, came to a mutual silent agreement, then headed off to bed.

Looks a bit like premature excitement - much like my new year's eve
I'm not saying we didn't raise the roof, because we did. Speaking of roofs, this is  how they prep Seattle's symbol of masculine fertility. For the record, I would die if I were up this high.

We had one drink each, watched the space needle fireworks show on TV, and I think I had ice cream. And if that doesn't sound like we partied like it was 2015, I don't know what is.

Ok, so its was the most uneventful new years in history for me, but I just got lazy this year. So my only new year's resolution, is to make slightly more of an effort come next year. I'm already way ahead of the curve with the exercise thing, and since I'm biking 100+ miles per week, I figure I don't have to diet much.

And speaking of 2016, if you missed the ripping-of-the-last-page of 2015's calendar - not to worry: you know it's a new year when you see all the dieting tips on the front page of every magazine.

Flat abs and firm butt?
This morning's commute was far less cold that last week's. Some weird lady talked to me while we were waiting for the lights. I think she said that I was the only cyclist that had proper lights on my bike so she could see me. Given that I'm the only cyclist on the road, I believe she's correct.

I was planning on putting fenders on my bike this weekend, but since the above mentioned festivities wore me out - I didn't. The stupid mountain bike rear fender crapped out on me so I rode in without any fenders. I had no idea that fenders would make that much of a difference as far as mud sprays go. I was covered in mud when I arrived to work. From head to toe. Even my helmet was covered in mud. I am definitely re-joining #teamfenders364.

Here's to safe rides all around for my fellow cyclists in the coming year.

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