Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Best Things In Life Are Far From Free

If I'm to tally up all the dineros I've plunked down on bike related purchases, I'm almost at the point now that I would be scared to do so. Not that every penny wasn't well spent, but it's amazing how fast it adds up. First and foremost, there's the bike itself. Because it would be rather silly to buy bike gear if I didn't have a bike - but stranger things have happened.

Walking around in all spandex and cleats could after all be a fetish of mine. Or I could be a wanna-be bicyclist who can't afford to buy a real road bike, so I just dress the part in gear I bought at Goodwill. You know how they say to dress for the job you want, and the job I want happens to be a professional cyclist. So there's that.

But since the above is not why I have spent many a dollar on clothing and other equipment, I guess I'm less of a weirdo than I think I am.

Speaking of spending money on bikes; when I had my new brakes installed last week, this guy walked into the shop with his apparently malfunctioning mountain bike - that it turns out he spent over $10,000 on.

Carbon Demo 8 I
My knee-jerk reaction was "holy hell! Why on earth would you fork out that much on a bike?!?!?"

Does the fog make the bike more awesome?
But then I started thinking of my purses, and how I didn't even bat an eye when I paid for not one, not two, but three of these puppies.

My precious...
I'm not even going to say how much. Let's just say my wallet was about to catch fire, due to an overheated credit card.

I suppose it's all about perspective and priorities. That being said, I'm still far, far away from paying 10 grand for a bike. And let it be said that I treat my purses far better than that guy's poor mountain bike had been treated.

And while I would do this:

Not sleeping with fishes
I am far from doing this:

Not anytime soon...

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