Thursday, January 14, 2016

While You Were Freezing

I registered for the first official bike ride yesterday. I say official because there was no end to my bike season.

I'm excited and a little worried. With Cascade rides, the number of asshats tend to rise drastically. All though I doubt anything will top the asshattery that took place when I did PROS with COGS

The Group Ride Asshat Scale
Apparently "asshattery" isn't a real word and I was too lazy to turn off the auto correct. Probably shouldn't quit my day job to pursue a career in graphic design.

My experience so far with Cascade rides has been that there are a lot of weekend warriors mixed with matching spandex subgroups. The "look at us, we are matching condoms".  As a sign of my distaste for the kind, I think I will wear mismatching socks. Maybe I can even start a movement. Our secret member sign will be mismatching socks. Then all we have to do is exchange knowing looks.

No matchy-matchy
Speaking of form - or the lack of, I am curious to see what the almost five months of commuting since Kitsap Color Classic has done for mine. And this is the exciting part - to find out what a difference a few months make. See, I can't really tell from commuting since I make a point of biking slow enough to not sweat.

I've missed seeing other bikers. All matching spandex hating aside, there's just something about biking with other people. Not with other people necessarily, because I'm really not a social cyclist - which is why organized rides are a great fit for me. In this setting I can choose to bike "alone" or I can interact with others.

This morning I actually saw two other bike commuters - the first ones I've seen since November. Apparently people have started thawing, but while you were freezing - I was still biking.

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