Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Fenders Gonna Fend - And Rule #1 Of The Brack Epic

The new fenders seem solid - deformed looking bike or not, +Thomas Behrendt. Yes, I got a little butthurt over that comment. No one likes their baby to be criticised. Even if it's something only a mother can love. Something I strongly believe my bike is not. Because it's cool.

Bow ties are cool too.

+Josh Ross suggested that it might be the angle of the photo so here's another one. Sadly the bike is a little dirty today.

Josh Ross might be on to something
Back to the fenders. So far so good. It started rain-snowing yesterday afternoon so I got to test the fenders out in the rain. I'm not saying they are great fenders yet because only a proper downpour will determine that. Light rain doesn't count as far as testing goes. Because that's like testing a raincoat on a sunny day.

I did notice a slight rattle, +Leroy Christner, but I suspect that's due to the screws being a little loose - much like the owner's. The one thing missing from my tools are - tools, so I won't be able to tighten anything until I get home. I should add a tool set to my tools.
Not sure what nipple pinching has to do with trolling...
The internet is a strange place - a place of wonder but also the home of trolls. Trolls usually like to hide behind a veil of anonymity, but once in a while they appear in the form of people you thought better than that.

There's a blog I used to read on a regular basis, but I quit since the blog got boring and bitter. It used to be funny in a snarky way, but now it's just mean. Mean and spiteful and not the least bit funny anymore.

See, I was hoping that people who bike together are also nice to each other. I was wrong. This makes me sad and a little pissed off. But as I may have mentioned a few times - people wearing matching spandex are rarely nice and considerate, and I know for a fact that the blogger in question is known for wearing matching spandex on a regular basis. So there's that.
Bike Chick's Spandex Asshat Scale
A person commenting on the above blogger's latest post, referred to The Breck Epic Rule #1. I think that's a good rule.

– 1. Don’t be a dick. (This really covers a lot of ground.)

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