Friday, January 15, 2016

Preliminary Fender Review + Asshelmetry

Me being me - let's start off with the asshelmetry. How hard is it to signal in one form or another that you intend to pass me? Especially given that there's only you and me on bicycles on the road these days?

The event of last night makes me long for colder days when people who have no business biking were too cold to be out on two wheels.

Another rocking illustration made of yours truly
I am biking along an already dangerous area of my commute due to zero bike lane when this asshelmet decides to pass me at the same time as a car has the same notion - with the result of me nearly ending up in the ditch.

As irony would have it, the asshelmet turned right onto 164th, which is a long climb. I caught up with him, fueled on anger as I was. I wanted to say something to the asshelmet, but given that it's a long hill and he might pass me later on - I didn't say anything.

Also, since that the best prediction of future behavior is past behavior, who knew what kind of crazy was hiding under that helmet. I had no desire to find out, hence the not so typical passive response from me.

Sweet fenders - ugly water bottle
So - fenders.

I've tested them out for almost a week now and the verdict is a good one. The bike is far less dirty and, more importantly, I am less dirty. The front fender is still rattling a little but since I haven't done anything to look into why - I'm not holding it against said fender. Yet.

Today I'm going out to get new gloves and a pump. With your kind and plentiful recommendations, I feel well prepared. Thank you all so much.

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