Thursday, January 28, 2016

Nick Allard: It's not the wettest day ever, but close

And about revenge on my arch nemesis

What are you smiling about?
Last week, Nick Allard said today was going to be "the wettest day ever". I feel that's a somewhat bold statement. Considering we're talking Seattle and that "ever" is a really long time. Nonetheless, that's what he said.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Kiro TV is probably the worst station when it comes to report weather as far as accuracy goes. Why am I watching then? I figure it's some deep seeded need to be lied to. Or perhaps it's got to do with consistency - you know, at least they're wrong all the time.

It is wet today. Not sure about the "ever" part, but I was thanking my awesome rain jacket, rain pants, and rockin' fenders as I was making my way in - silently hoping I haven't committed too many sins, arks, rain, and all that.

Lots of rain, lots of accidents. All though, since Amazon does promise to deliver food to your door, I don't really see the grounds for complaints here.

You said you wanted it delivered at your door
I saw my arch nemesis last night. One of these days I'm gonna get him. Not sure how yet, but this guy needs to be taught a lesson. He keeps passing me where he shouldn't, creating dangerous situations. I'm open to suggestions as to how to get back at him. Sure, I could always turn the other cheek, but the way things are going I stand to risk more severe injuries to my cheek than a slap.
Passive aggressive enough?
I really don't understand bicyclists who aren't considerate to fellow bicyclists. While not all cyclists are created equal, we are ALL cyclists! We are all prepared to risk life and limb by going out on public roads on bicycles. We are all vulnerable together. So shouldn’t we stick together?

And look, Captain America can - why can't you?

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