Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Ice Drifting And The Mafia

As I'm sitting here marinading in self-pity over not biking in today, I decided to look on YouTube for ice biking.

This video makes me feel better about my choice of not biking. And about my choice of friends.

Ok, so there's no lake I have to bike across on my way to work, but replace the lake with a car and that could have been me.

Also, there's this slightly more realistic video:

I feel even better now about my choice of taking four wheels in instead of two.

Here's another thing I stumbled across in the enormous quagmire of YouTube, because you cannot stop with one video. YouTube is like the mafia - "Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in again!" Or something like that.

Apparently there's a thing called bicycle ice drifting. I'll admit I was a little disappointed because drifting makes me think of Fast And Furious Tokyo Drift, which was slightly more exciting than the above video - slomo and all.

See what I mean?

The drifting gets good around the half-way mark of the video.

And the mafia is Comcast.

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