Monday, January 25, 2016

A Recovering Pluviophile With New Brakes + Tom Hardy

I lied. I don't often lie, but I find that I have.

Let's back up a bit first to this post where I profess my love for rain. So maybe I don't love rain always. I think the rain I was referring to and love is the none-subfreezing-directly-in-my-face kind as of late. I realized that I might not love rain as much as previously claimed as I biked in this morning - completely dry; for the first time in a long while, and it felt glorous. My pants didn't go swish swish and I could actually see the road

Not only was I dry, but I shaved off 10 minutes on the commute. Not sure how that happened, but as +Anthony Pawley stated, "My Marathon rides like a wet mop" - and anyone who's ever ridden on a wet mop knows that it's way slower than riding on a dry one.

So yeah, I might not be the pluviophile I thought I was.

I got new brakes installed Friday and the bike already feels safer to ride. I think I've finally found the LBS I was searching for, where the people who work there also love biking. Granted, they are more mountain bike types, but they know what they are doing. Same reason I wouldn't take my car to the grocery store to ask for advice, I shouldn't ask the good people at REI about anything bike related.

Speaking of Friday. Man, was it nice to bike home in daylight, not to mention sunshine. I tried capturing every pedal stroke to my hard drive so I could fuel from it on drearier days.

The 164th hill

Huuuge shoulder
I don't know what this sign is or why the people on it are deformed.

This neighborhood's got it all - even a bicyclist!
I know the sunshine won't last this time around, but it was good while it lasted. Until next time, I'll keep these two days in my motivational pocket.

Also, there is this:

Yummm - o!

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