Thursday, January 21, 2016

On Your Left!

Here's karma in action: One of the commuters of last year has resurfaced. But he is an asshelmet. He passed me last night in this intersection, almost getting us both killed.

SE 38th St
In the intersection above, one has to get over from the sidewalk to the middle lane in order to cross the road, which means one has to slow down and look for traffic before crossing. This is if you're coming from the left of  150th ave passed the Chevron station.

As I was slowing down last night on my way home, I see a shadow in my peripherals. The shadow was not slowing down. Turns out the shadow was another bicyclist - and that bicyclist didn't slow down. Instead he plowed right passed me - on my left, which was ok, but he failed to see a car that was coming down the road behind us. The very car I was slowing down for and that he didn't see. So what did he do? In order to not get hit by the car, he swung his bike to the right - where I was, so I had to swerve right which caused me to tip over. It was a clusterfuck.

Needless to say, I was pissed. Fortunately neither I or my bike were injured/damaged, but I wasn't able to catch up to him to give him a piece of my mind. Possibly push him off his bike. Even though I'm a lover and not a fighter, I wouldn't have ruled out a physical response to his asshelmetry of last night.

This morning as I'm biking in, he passes me again. And much like last night, he doesn't say a word, passes me with no room, and at the same time as a car is passing us. Great timing, dude. However, this morning I caught up with him. If you see me on the road, you'll probably think I'm a slow poke of a Doris, but don't let the appearances fool you. It's not that I can't bike fast, but I hate arriving to work all sweaty - hence the snail speed.

I trailed his ass for a couple of blocks, but didn't pass him. I was waiting until we'd get to the scene of the crime of last night where there's a traffic light. However, before we could get to that intersection, he ended up almost getting flattened by a car in the intersection below. He plowed right into the intersection, down from 153rd Ave SE onto Se 38th St. Problem was there was a car coming from his right. At the same time. I had stopped because I know the line of sight in that intersection is terrible. All that was missing was popcorn - and it would have been glorious.

Listen, I wouldn't have enjoyed the moment so much had he actually been hit, but it was funny and satisfying to see him freak out.

He muttered something after the car had passed. He completely ignored me. I didn't end up saying anything to him, but I think he knew why I had trailed him and hopefully he learned his lesson. I let him take off down Se 38th St and didn't attempt to catch up with him.

The point of my rant is this: How fucking difficult is it to give fellow bicyclists space and/or signal that you intend to pass? I don't expect much from cars, but other bicyclists?!? And especially fellow commuters.

I may or may not say something to him next time our paths cross. Haven't decided yet.

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