Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Every Damn Pebble - Tire Review Plus STP!

Specialized Armadillo Elite
No more flats yet (knock on wood and no more black cats crossing) - I have named the black cat in question Flat Cat - but holy shit I can feel every little pebble in the road on these tires.

Since I haven't really biked on the road with the Armadillos yet, I won't comment on that part of it, but as far as my commute goes, they are not exactly smooth. I can feel every little bump or rock and as far as handling goes I'll give them a B-. And we all know that they didn't exactly last long before I got a flat, but that wasn't really the tires fault. I think.

When I say I haven't biked on the road, I mean I haven't taken these tires out on longer rides. I'm thinking their road debut will be Chilly Hilly in a month.

But as the guy in the store said when I bought them; these are winter tires so maybe they aren't meant to be comfortable.

I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it!
I have just registered for the STP - or as my coworker thought I said - my STD. She was wondering why I had to register that and perhaps thought that it was a little TMI. I don't know why she would think an STD would bring on that level of excitement, but then again being diagnosed with Herpes might have been my life long dream. There are stranger things.

Anywho, I am excited and can already picture sun and summer bike riding. I didn't buy any of their gear.

On a non-bike related note, I finally got around to see Hunger Games last night. Wasted time. Storyline was too rushed - especially after all that build-up of the three previous installments of the series.

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