Monday, March 7, 2016

I'm So Cold

JACK: No...don’t say your goodbyes, Rose. Don’t you give up. Don’t do it.
ROSE: I’m so cold

Ok, so my commute wasn't as dramatic as the Titanic vs Iceberg match of 1912 (spoiler: the iceberg won), but it was extremely cold this morning.

How cold was it?

It was so cold I didn't know what the rattling noise was until I realized it was my teeth.

The combo of wind, freezing rain, and low temps made for the most miserable commute to date. But I am a woman and not a mouse, so I made it in sans feeling in my hands. It took me a good hour just to feel my fingers again and my hands are still a little numb.

Surprise! No other bicycle commuters out today but me. The cars were suspiciously considerate. Most likely because they fear any person who chooses to bike in to work on a day like this - and rightly so.

Even on a day like this, or perhaps because of it, my morning commute is down to 30 minutes from over an hour when I first started biking in, and this is on Channing Tatum. And speaking of names, I almost changed the names of my bikes because Channing seems to be the more sensitive of the two, but I'm sure Tom Hardy has a sensitive side as well as being a hardass, so the names stand.

Only a couple of more months of this bullshit weather and I'll start doing my weekend rides again! On another note, I'll be riding Tour de Cure on May 22nd and could use a little help raising funds. I haven't figured out how to do this without ruining my partial anonymity online so stay tuned for this. I only have to raise $200 so I might just pay this myself, all though it would be cool if I could raise more.

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