Friday, March 4, 2016

Riding With The Boys: Tom And Channing

This made me laugh:

I wanted to name my bikes for a long time and changed my mind a couple of times, but now it's official: The names of my two bikes are Tom Hardy and Channing Tatum. Both for obvious reasons.

In both cases it gives me the excuse to tell people that "I'm going for a spin with Tom Hardy/Channing Tatum", or that "I rode Tom Hardy like I meant it this morning". I'm sure there are a lot of other filthy fitting phrases I could come up with. My imagination is the limit.


Or more correctly; men.

Or girls. I'm an equal opportunity kind of gal.

I really couldn't tell you why, but I am taken hostage by a slow pulling undertow. All I can think of is wanting to Channing all over someone's Tatum. I think it's because spring has sprung or at least is trying to spring.

But like the Heimlich Maneuver's early stages, this urge is more of a gesture at this point. It's not a finished thought.

Misunderstand me correctly when I say this, as it's not meant as an insult to anyone's sexual prowess: But man, I must be getting desperate when I'm fantasizing about my boning my bike mechanic or some random dude on the street. Fantasizing might be exaggerating since it's not like I have some elaborate plan or dream or a full script. But as with any quality porno, all you really need is the line, "Did someone order pizza?"

So there's that.

Anywho, it's Friday and another none biking weekend. Unless I decide to do an impromtu ride around Lake Washington or something.

Ps! This post makes no sense. Which is kinda how my head works most of the time.


  1. Sounds like you need to get in more miles on the bike!

  2. Shows how out of the loop I am these days.
    I had to Google Tom Hardy and Channing Tatum to find out who they were!
    Perhaps I need to get out more ;-)
    Perhaps you need to get out more, too!
    I'm riding with a work colleague later this morning, and he is going to kick my butt. But it will be a good trip all the same.
    So get out more.
    Or take a cold shower.
    Or both.

    1. Probably a combo. Now I'm thinking about Tom and Channing again. It's a problem.