Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Stop. Think. Be Terrified.

This isn't really what this blog is for, but I can't keep quiet anymore.

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Not so funny anymore
What's happening now in the political landscape is nothing short of terrifying. Sure, it was kinda funny in the beginning when no one thought the modern day Hitler stood a chance. Now it's not funny at all.

The Constitution limits the president's authority to make and repeal legislation, but the president and his appointees have enormous discretion over the enforcement of existing laws. Putting a leader who condones violence against the supporters of his political opponents in charge of the federal law enforcement apparatus is frightening; giving him the power to unilaterally issue pardons is terrifying.

I assumed that as we got closer to the Republican nomination, Trump would would tone down his extreme behavior in order to appeal to mainstream voters, or that he would no longer be in the race. Obviously none of the above happened. Not only is he still in the race, he is the strongest contender for a Republican nomination. And he hasn't toned down his behavior: he has done the opposite. This has truly scary implications for how he might behave were he to actually win the presidency, which shouldn't be discounted. After all, very few thought he'd get this far.

There are numerous things that should make Americans outright scared about a potential Trump presidency. It's not necessarily his narcissism and pompousness, nor his offensive and disgusting comments about women, minorities, and undocumented immigrants.

It's disturbing that someone with so little interest in the truth, who is happy to stoke xenophobic fires to advance his agenda, and who seems to have little cause other than the glorification of himself, has somehow persuaded so many that his presidency would make America great.

This mockery of a man should have been disqualified from even contemplating running for the highest office in this country. That being the pipe dream it is, there's something far more frightening than the reasons above that makes Trump such a danger to our country.

What scares me more than Donald Trump is the silent majority. He has empowered people to openly express hateful and bigoted behavior that in some cases has turned violent – and that’s the most dangerous thing of all.

I believe Martin Niemöller said it well:


  1. I was for him as he skeered the establisent.

    I even said I would vote for him over Hillary.

    More recently, he is something else and now skeers me.

    Cruz skeers me worse.

    In short, cannot agree with ypu more.

    Now, back to your humor

  2. Yeah, I agree this is getting really scary.