Friday, March 4, 2016

The Real Post Introducing The Real Channing Tatum And Tom Hardy

I've started biking the old Raleigh to work now. I took Tom Hardy in for a tune-up, I wanna say last Friday, but it was probably more recently, so while I didn't have my new steed at hand, I decided to blow the dust off Channing Tatum and ride him to work for a while.

Channing Tatum is a 2007 Raleigh Sport with the following specs:

Frame and Fork
  • Frame Tubing Material: 6061-aluminum
Wheels and Tires
  • Hubs: Aluminum quick-release
  • Tires: Vittoria Zaffiro, 700 x 25c
  • Spoke Brand: 14g stainless-steel
  • Brakeset: Tektro dual-pivot
  • Shift Levers: Shimano Sora
  • Pedals: Road w/clips and straps
  • Rear Cogs: SRAM PG-830, 8-speed: 12-26
  • Saddle: Avenir Road
  • Handlebar: Aluminum
  • Handlebar Stem: Aluminum adjustable
Channing weighs a TON, which is why I opted to buy a new bicycle when I started getting serious about my bike commuting. My legs at that time had the strength of jello and were far more lady like, so riding Channing just wasn't feasible then. Sure, he was brilliant downhill and on flats, but anything resembling a climb I just couldn't do without seeing black dots - or worse - dismount.

Channing, if he were a horse
But man, is he a sweet ride. I had forgotten how safe he makes me feel and how well he handles. I imagine him like a Shire Horse; a dependable, strong, and heavy horse. Not fast by any means, but able to go on for days.

I don't know if it was nostalgia or insanity, but I decided to continue riding Channing for the remains of the winter. I feel strong enough now to ride Channing uphill, and riding a heavier bike will hopefully help both strength and endurance.

So far we've even been able to conquer The Hill together.

The Hill!
After having proper brake pads installed last night, I decided to at least give that hill a try. I wasn't sure if Channing and I could do it, but we sure did and I didn't even pass out a little.

After having spent a week with Channing, it's clear that he loves me and I love him. He gets me in a way that Tom Hardy doesn't, but that's not Tom's fault since he hasn't known me as long as Channing - but Tom is made of far more delicate fabric than Channing. Tom is more of a dressage horse, delicate and sensitive. Sure, he's nice to ride, but god forbid he should step on a pebble - instant flat!

Tom's four legged counterpart
Funny how each bike has clear and different personalities. All in all I feel lucky to have two such great guys in my stable (garage), but it's become clear that I might need a race horse. I've been looking but don't have any clear candidates yet.

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  1. Shire horse?
    You gotta ride a cargo bike ;-)
    Or a fat bike.
    As for hills, I run a PC850 11-32 on the rear, because I'm old.
    And a 26 up front because I am weak.
    Sometimes the gears supplied with bikes are suited to flatter places and/or stronger riders. So I changed mine. Needed a long cage derailleur, too, mind. And I now have to put the bike front first into the company bike racks, because the long derailleur hits the rack.
    But it's worth it, just not to look like a beet while climbing.